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First, you must read the whitepaper and get the idea behind the coin or project. Is the idea feasible? Is it new or just a repetition of an already existing coin? Answers to questions like these will tell you whether the coin or project will be successful on the market. The expertise of the team will also tell how well a project can go, hence it is advisable to read about the team members from their social media.
You have to see the vision behind it but also don't expect nothing, 90% of the new project are just scams or waste of time.

They say if there is sometime you get for free, you are the product and I agree with this idea but maybe I am wrong..

Hell no. I'm making some good money from the good ones
No, I think that we need a platform that will verify the airdrops and exclude the bad ones.. It's hard to tell but with a little research maybe we will manage to do that.

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Re: Highest bouty campaign
« on: June 02, 2018, 11:08:30 pm »
Which of the bounty campaigns give higher returns? Some people say its signature, others say its blogging while others say Facebook. What's ur say on this?
I go for signature + translation bounties for the best, not the easiest but you can earn good amount of tokens. Good luck!

As I said please change my status in signature bounty, I am Sr Member right now, already changed my signature according to the new rank. THANK YOU!

This has been one of the pressing issues which needs to be addressed. All bounty managers must state at the start of their Bounty program whether there will be KYC or not. Some KYC requires passport and not every bounty hunter travels across the globe. In the end, most bounty hunters suffer losses as their tokens are not paid to them due to failure of meeting KYC requirements. This is not fair.
It's a bad thing because the whole point of crypto from start was to be decentralized, secure and anonimous.

What coins and tokens do you have in your crypto portfolio ?
I am holding btc, eth, neo and some erc20 tokens. I plan to hold for a long time, but with the market in current situation idk..

Altcoins & Cryptocurrencies discussions / Re: Is there too many ICOs?
« on: June 02, 2018, 02:20:51 pm »
Everyone is launching an ico and raising money these days. Milk farm, banana plantation, you name it ...
There are not too many, you just have to find the good ones. Go look on ico bench for the best.

Referral Links / Re: Free money
« on: June 02, 2018, 01:45:34 pm »
I do not believe in airdrop. whether the airdrop you give will certainly be able to sell in the market? A lot of airdrop that ended up just being a collection in my wallet.
You are right, i have over 100 useless tokens in my wallet, they are just wasting their gas to create a token, not continue to work on a community or product, I hate that

Hi, guys. Which one do you hold ?

My is TRX

You can take a look on myshield, equal, rebellious, trident, eagle and so on, there are many altcoins that can bring you a good income, so far the eth is the best, also neo

I have realized that nowadays because bounty hunters drop the tokens they get immediately its transferred into their wallet, and so ICO's takes more time to give them their Bounty rewards. I want to know is it that reason why it takes them weeks and even months before they give us out tokens or there are also new things under the sun. Let me hear from you side. What is the reason?
There are many reasons, the main are:  too many bounty participants, bounty managers lack of free time and so on, that's how you can realize if the project will succed, from how much are they willing to spend building a community.

Well, i don't see the people hating cryptocurrency because the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies works in favour of the people due to its decentralized nature. It takes the power back to the people thereby granting them full accessibility and owner control without any third party interruption in their financial transactions.
Perhaps, we can say, "why do the governments and banks hate cryptocurrency?"
The reason is a simple one - the banks and government operate on a centralized mode hence oppose the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency.
I don't think that because crypto is our salvation in a world ruled by greedy guvernators.The decentralization is the best aspect about crypto.

It really doesn't matter how much tokens/coins do you get from a bounty, the only thing that matters is the value.I personally look for coin with a low supply=bigger income.

Imaging turning all your wealth in to cryptocurrency and see them rising like the speed of light. You will get profit by all means. But one thing I want to know is, is it really advisable or risky to turn all your fiat money into crypto?
I will not suggest this right now, only if you put your money into a cryptocurrency like trueusd ir tether because they have fixed value.

I'll go for Lympo (LYM). Although LYM is not part of the first 100 coins on the coinmarketcap, it has the full potentials of increasing its value on the market as new implementations are fixed into its health promotion app. Giving it a year, i can vouch its success in the cryptocurrency industry.
I will go for Rebl, they are just gonna move on their blockchain right now from erc20, you can stake the coin without fees and so on.

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