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Author Topic: Tron Announces Blockchain University – ‘Earn as you Learn’  (Read 322 times)


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Just a few hours before the self-proclaimed TRON Independence Day, and the Genesis block official launch on Main Net, the TRON Foundation released a half minute video on their twitter handle detailing a ‘Blockchain University’.
Named Tronics University, the brief, thirty-second video was tagged with regards to the future of technology in conjunction with blockchain.

TRON’s Independence Day marks the usable start point of Main Net, a digital encryption platform that attempts to reshape the world of online media. Many thought that TRON would target popular entertainment sites such as games and social networks, but TRON seems to be also geared towards education, as Tronics University is almost certain to be a service provided over the main net mentioned above. The video gives the impression that TRON intends to offer learning experiences that are tailored for increased engagement and achievement; from novice to expert...

Read More: https://news.bitzamp.com/tron-announces-blockchain-university-earn-as-you-learn/

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