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Author Topic: [ANN][ICO][PRESS][BOUNTY] OBXCOIN By Omminni - PRE SALE IS LIVE!  (Read 888 times)


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« on: February 10, 2018, 05:24:27 am »

OBX by Omminni
A dedicated team of professionals who aim to bring security
and stability to the launch of new utility tokens so they can
thrive in the most successful crypto eco-system possible

Our Stage 1 token sale is live on 30% Bonus on all purchases
Current prize per OBX: $0.01

OBX video and blogging contest
1st place 100,000 OBX
2nd place 75,000 OBX
3rd place 50,000 OBX

These prizes will be given out in both categories: video & blogging.
Submission of videos should be posted on our Telegram:
For bloggers, you can post your blog link of your video submission also on our telegram.

Winners will be voted on by the community..
Contest will go until one week from today.
5pm EST Friday Feb 23rd

Omminni Acquires Social
Gifting Company, GiftCaddies

North Carolina based Omminni appears to be readying itself to expand into local
markets and the crypto currency space. Today, the company announced its
acquisition of social gifting service GiftCaddies and detailed its plans to expand
into the local merchant sector. The deal is believed to be in the 3-4 million dollar
range. This is the largest acquisition for Omminni and proves they are being
aggressive like they promised their investors.

Founded in 2013, the Richmond-based GiftCaddies is live in multiple cities
across the country, many of which fit the Omminni foot print. GiftCaddies
customers consist of Restaurants, Spas, Golf Courses, and many other types of
small businesses.

In a news release, GiftCaddies CEO Charlie Vecchio said: “Omminni’s reach and
ability to connect supply and demand at scale make it the perfect destination for
GiftCaddies and it will be allowed grow even faster and expand in more targeted
local markets,” said Charlie Vecchio.

For its part, Omminni sees this as an opportunity to better serve its future
customers across the country. “Social gifting represents an untapped
opportunity for Omminni in the future and serves as a natural extension of our
local marketplace,” Omminni CEO Linwood Mann said in a press release.
This purchase marks a major chance of expansion for Omminni, which has
recently launched a crypto currency called the $OBX coin.

If Omminni can use this deal to break the walls down and storm this crypto
currency castle, it has the potential to dig into some of the crypto currency
money that is available.


Total Supply: 50,000,000,000
Decimal: 2
Platform: Waves
Total Airdropped Stage 1/4: 10,000,000

OBX is a coin created and launched by Omminni. It is the creation of a superior
product that will set the standard for future cryptocurrencies.

It is the goal that OBX will be used as a coupon/currency by merchants, first in the immediate
area, and then expanding over time. The quick speed, ease, and low transaction cost makes OBX
a great choice for merchants looking to accept cryptocurrency at their locations, and the added
incentive of aiding the community through its use makes it even more enticing.


Omminni chose the WAVES platform for the release of OBX
based on security, stability, global presence, ease of transaction, and
low fees associated with the transaction. We believe it to be a superior
platform for a superior product.

OBX is carrying out token pre-sale for all investors to fund
the build-out of the foundation for these coins to succeed.

Pre-sale will be in 4 stages and will end when the $50million
hard cap is hit, at which time OBX tokens may be traded on
the WAVES exchange and a burn of 10% of the founders'
coins will take place.

A portion of the sale of tokens both in the pre-sale as well
as on the open market will go directly to the project
initiative-Outer Banks Restoration.

Tokens are $0.013 USD and there will be 30%
added to that in bonus tokens.
The minimum purchase for the pre-sale is $250 USD.
You may pay with BTC, ETH, or WAVES.


Speculation and theory vs. actual, practicality

"At this point, all other cryptocurrencies are speculative and theoretical when it comes
to their use as a currency (half of the word “cryptocurrency”). For example, take bitcoin.
Bitcoin is king and will be for a long time. I invest in it. My whole team invests in it
in fact. It’s a great digital asset and an outstanding store of value. The blockchain
technology that is behind it is revolutionary, but is it a viable currency? Someone sent
me bitcoin the other day (to buy OBX with) at 10am. It came with a $2.21 transaction fee
and I received it at 3:45pm. You can’t go to the grocery and spend bitcoin without a 3rd
party pre-loaded credit card. You can’t wait almost 6 hours in the checkout line and pay
2 bucks in fees to buy a $4 gallon of milk. The people behind you might get frustrated.
What I’m saying is that bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, and other coins, while great digital
stores of increasing value, are not practical as actual currency for the time being.
Think of these cryptos as savings accounts.

OBX? It’s the checking account of cryptocurrency. OBX can be used RIGHT NOW as a viable,
global, decentralized currency for any vendor or merchant who chooses to accept it.

Fees? Less that 1 cent to send any quantity of OBX across the street or across the world
and no need for exorbitant credit card fees for the merchant.

Transaction time? Faster than putting your credit card in the chip reader. 10 seconds to
send OBX from Melbourne, Florida to Melbourne, Australia.

OBX is a real, viable, currency today rather than some speculative some-day currency.

Buy lunch. Go bowling. Rent a surfboard. Use OBX by simply scanning the
QR code of the merchant."


Linwood Mann-Founder/CEO/CTO
Former Chairman of the Board of AICDC
(Alliant International Community Development Corporation)
Former Director of Operations of The GHas Corporation
Cryptocurrency investor, software developer, and enthusiast.

“Great teams are built on creative solutions."

Greg Haskell- Co-founder/COO
CEO of The GHas Corporation
Former COO Wise Elite Associates
Former Director of Marketing of GiftCaddies
Board of Directors of several tech firms
Cryptocurrency investor/investment manager

Charlie Vecchio- Communications Advisor (US)
Founder and CEO of GiftCaddies social gifting app
Former Head of Digital for Tribune Publishing
Former Vice President of Digital at Mspark
Former GM at AT&T Advertising Solutions
Former Sales Manager at Living Social
Cryptocurrency investor

Tolga Kucuksolak- Director of Communications (Europe)
Market Research Manager- KANTAR TNS
Former Law Student
Cryptocurrency investor and supporter

Frederik Francois -Sales Director / Europe

Kooke Afirin- Sales Director/ Southeast Asia

For other concerns or inquiries, email us at [email protected]
Follow us:
Bitcointalk: https://noshortlink/Pioxux

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Your project seem promising. Glad to be a part of this vision.

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« Reply #2 on: March 28, 2018, 07:13:26 am »
RALEIGH, N.C. (PRWEB) March 27, 2018 [UPDATE]

Omminni, the creators of the OBXcoin cryptocurrency, are excited to
announce their upcoming launch on the NASGO Network platform.
The OBXcoin is a fully compliant utility coin created with the future in mind.
The software was designed ensuring that every SEC compliance and regulatory
detail was considered in its creation so they never have to retro-fit the platform
to suit the changing landscape of regulation. Instead, the team at OBXcoin is able
to continue forward growth as a utilized currency rather than a digital store of value
that other cryptocurrencies have been relegated to. The quick speed, ease, and
free transactions makes the OBXcoin a great choice for merchants worldwide
looking to accept cryptocurrencies at their business locations moving forward.
The launch on NASGO is an important step for Omminni and the OBXcoin.

Eric Tippets, CEO of Nasgo said of the upcoming OBXcoin launch,
“OBXcoin has a unique way to connect and incentivize merchants and their
marketplace. We are always looking for innovators in their space, and OBXcoin
is just that. We are impressed with what they have done from a compliance design
standpoint and also how attractive this new currency will be for merchants around
the world. We’re excited to work with the Omminni team and the OBXcoin."

NASGO, a fully decentralized blockchain application and app development platform,
whose networks open up endless opportunities to conduct global e-commerce with
trusted blockchain technology is the recently launched, buzz-worthy platform that is
already changing how people view and use this space. Immune to a single point of
failure, NASGO connects publishers and developers to a global community of clients
who enjoy it’s simple to use solutions.

"We scoured the world and looked at every major platform on the planet.
We didn’t want to launch on a network platform that couldn't keep up with the volume
we are anticipating. Nasgo is the best on the market and the perfect fit for us and our
merchants. They are a true decentralized free market platform which will allow our OBXcoin,
the currency of tomorrow, to thrive and grow,”

said Omminni CEO Linwood Mann.

Look for the OBXcoin on Nasgo by mid-spring.

If you’re interested in purchasing the OBXcoin in their limited pre-sale, visit


ETH & Token Donations: 0xc9CbFe089EBC2E27236F53D8cD2Afd3d337385fc