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Author Topic: ALTS Airdrops - Altcoins Forum token  (Read 80167 times)


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ALTS Airdrops - Altcoins Forum token
« on: October 26, 2017, 09:51:13 PM »

Altcoins Talks has a token called (ALTS)
& a community Token called  (ALTT)

ALTS token is distributed to the active members of this community based on points and activity/last active, and helps determine the amount of tokens and coins we share with them from the tokens and coins we collect.

With each post you earn points, the points are then exchanged for ALTS token at a rate decided based on difficulty
-currently 100-200 points= 1 token - Negative karma will remove some of your points, so better respect the rules.
Being inactive for a month or more will also greatly reduce your tokens.

For those who don't know, our forum has a native token called "ALTS", with a limited supply of only 10 million. The token is no longer airdropped, but now, you earn it by being active on the forum. Each time you contribute on the forum (create a topic/Reply) > you earn points. And each 10 points can be exchanged for 1 ALTS. Click on the Help button on your profile for full details.

We are a revenue sharing forum, means we share the tokens we collect with our members, the quantity will be influenced by the amount of ALTS you hold.
The sharing will be done through several ways, including direct random airdrops to your ETH account, for that please fill the details in this form:

To be fair we implement a point decay system upon withdrawal, which reduce your points thus your earned ALTS tokens if you are inactive for some time. The same system apply to our promoted promotions/airdrops. Thus make sure you are active and increase your rank to avoid being skipped while distribution. (Newbie ranks will be skipped in certain distributions).

Current ALTS airdrops:

Permanent Airdrop: Upon signup you get 100 points, the equivalent of 10 ALTS. Reduced to 60 points > 6 ALTS.

To get additional Airdrops:

Main Airdrop- Forum activity:
You get tokens as you rank up in the forum levels, however this is limited to a certain amount of users per rank, check full details:

Below has been replaced by ALTT giveaways:

Telegram Airdrop:
You get tokens for joining telegram and inviting others, check full details::

Twitter Airdrop:
You get tokens for following on twitter and interacting, check full details::

Youtube Airdrop:
You get tokens for subscribing to our youtube channel and interacting with our videos, check full details::

Facebook Airdrop:
You get tokens for becoming a fan of our page, and joining our group, check full details::

To be Royalty or Patron:
Royalty & Patrons get an extra 10% to 40% bonus on all airdrops, including ALTS.
Check the Royalty thread here:

Referral System: You earn ALTS + ETH
In addition to the airdrops, we have a referral system to allow you to earn tokens for the friends you refer:

Distribution is done every few weeks, to receive the tokens, you need to have at least 10,000 points
and then request here:

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ALTS Airdrops - Altcoins Forum token
« on: October 26, 2017, 09:51:13 PM »


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