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For Beginners / Re: Is it possible to earn participating bounty?
« Last post by Dynamite on Today at 08:49:17 am »
Yes it is possible as long as you remain in the campaign until the end of time schedules. You should remember your responsibility to get a coins at the end of the campaign.
Philippines (Tagalog) / Re: Gaano kahalaga sayo ang altcoinstalks?
« Last post by donz123 on Today at 08:45:38 am »
Mahalaga talaga ang altcoinstalks kasi maliban sa kumikita ka ay meron ka din matututunan tungkol sa bitcoin at iba pang mga topic.
Philippines (Tagalog) / Re: Paano maging sr member?
« Last post by donz123 on Today at 08:44:23 am »
Kailangan po maka abot ka ng 120 post sir para maging sr.member.
For Beginners / Re: Is there a campaign for Step baby?
« Last post by Dynamite on Today at 08:43:29 am »
If any please help me, if no ,, maybe I will be more patient again ,,
thank you
I don't think, I was looking for one myself..I think you should be at least jr member

Yup. It should be jr. member first before joining the campaign. Take time to post and be more active in order to rank up if we reach the requirements.
Ok lang din naman sa ibang board ka mag post kahit sa bitcoin forum.
For Beginners / Re: How to rank up fast
« Last post by Dynamite on Today at 08:38:59 am »
It's not necessary to rank fast!
What for ?
You have ALL THE TIME to rank.
Don't precipite.

Share your opinion about many coin, many section who you find interest.
You should Make this forum live and participate every day.
Rank is not difficul but it's not the goal.
The goal is to be on the good place with good poeple  ;)

Thanks for a kind response. The goal is not to rank up and probably right because no limit post and no time intervals required. Friendly forum is the priority.
Bitcoin Forum / Re: Why are you investing in bitcoin?
« Last post by donz123 on Today at 08:38:42 am »
I like bitcoin because bitcoin is the beginning of all coins and never be faded in crypto world so if i invest bitcoin i know this is will last forever.
For Beginners / Re: advantages of sr.member
« Last post by Dynamite on Today at 08:32:37 am »
Most probably the best benefits of being a senior member is to have an access to whatever is necessary for sr. members. Then also it is high value of postings and payment too.
Вообще если изначально,прямо на старте вступить в хайп и не заиграться и не потерять голову от прибыли,то можно получить очень не плохой профит,я понимаю это но как то разум всё равно говорит "Саня не надо!!одумайся можешь попасть")))

Можно получить, а можно...и нет ) Если у проекта что-то пойдет не по плану в самом начале, то врят ли он вообще выплачивать будет.
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