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Author Topic: How does Hey Bitcoin solve Portfolio Investment Problems?  (Read 621 times)


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How does Hey Bitcoin solve Portfolio Investment Problems?
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:45:34 pm »
How does Hey Bitcoin solve Portfolio Investment Problems?

Over the past decade or so, technology has greatly changed the way we do things, buy things and make investments. The investment industry has been completely dominated by advanced technologies such as blockchain, AI and machine learning, as we see new investment solutions based on these technologies emerging every day.

The blockchain technology, which was invented only about ten years ago, has now become an important part of many business operations. The investment industry is no exception to that. In fact, in the last couple of years, we have seen a number of startups developing blockchain-based solutions for streamlining the investment process for both investors and companies. is one such initiative.

Hey Bitcoin Solving Portfolio Investment Problems

In order to understand the utility of the Hey Bitcoin project, one must first understand the problems the investment industry (investors, companies, and dealers) is struggling with. Let’s get started.

The Problem/s of Portfolio Investment Industry

One of the major problems with new traders is that they are not well versed with the investment processes and things they need to know in order to make better investment decisions. It usually takes years for new traders to learn the techniques of investment and become a professional trader.

On the other hand, the number of professional traders is way too low as compared to demand. This is why the existing traders and companies charge a high fee/commission for their services, leaving investors with small profits. The investors are usually not familiar with the overall investment process, products, etc., so they are compelled to seek the help of professional traders.

Moreover, there is a serious lack of transparency in investment transactions, leading to the risk of failure.

Social trading, which was founded as a potential solution to the above problems of the investment industry, also didn’t prove to be much reliable, as it is not generally wise to bet future results on past performances of investment products.

So, that leaves investors and traders with limited investment options and lesser profitability.

The Solution - Hey Bitcoin

Hey Bitcoin is an investment project which utilizes the power and features of blockchain technology to enable investors to find and connect with the best traders according to their risk profile and profitability needs. Here’s how it works.

Hey Bitcoin is developing a blockchain-based algorithm which will fairly analyze the performance of different traders and will add them to a global database of traders. Now, investors looking to connect with traders can use this database to find their most suitable traders in order to build a strong and profitable investment portfolio. An investor can choose their risk and profitability levels, based on which Hey Bitcoin will automatically show the best traders for the specific purpose.

The best part is that Hey Bitcoin shows completely fair and transparent trader recommendations, which are independent of any particular market or exchange. The underlying blockchain ensures fast and transparent transactions. Moreover, there is no fee charged from either the trader or investor.

Find more about Hey Bitcoin at

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How does Hey Bitcoin solve Portfolio Investment Problems?
« on: May 08, 2019, 02:45:34 pm »


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