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Author Topic: All-In-One Intelligent atomic swaps and decentralized matching in the XCARD wall  (Read 1892 times)


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XCARD a state of the art Wallet and Payment card built on top of Mobilum Platform

XCARD is the first and only wallet that allows you to connect to any payment card you want. XCARD activates cryptocurrency spending for existing credit cards, debit cards or prepaid cards. There are several different methods used by XCARD to connect your payment card: wire transfer to the International Bank Account Number (IBAN) associated with the payment card, OCT

XCARD also issues its crypto credit card by VISA, which allows instant and super safe use of all crypto and FIAT assets. Funds can be spent instantly at every point of sale and e-commerce, or used for ATM cash withdrawals. As an alternative to directly spending your crypto, you can choose to get a loan on your card, using your cryptocurrency as collateral. In this case, your cryptocurrency is not spent and you can pay back credit without currency conversion

XCARD is a multi-asset wallet. It supports all fiat currencies, almost every liquid cryptocurrency, securities based on blockchain technology, non-equivalent tokens, and collections, eCommerce payment services, peer to peer transfers and loan payments The MBM Mobilum Token Platform is required as a membership token by inviting users to interact and between platform building blocks. The number of MBM Tokens is calculated as 0.5% of the transaction value by the Price Machine and is exposed to all other building blocks via the API. If the requesting user does not have the required amount and has an XCARD multi-sig wallet created in the XCARD application

XCARD purchases the number of MBM Tokens lost on behalf of the user through Internalizer using the best execution rate When certain operations are called, a preliminary inspection by the smart contract is carried out, to confirm that the membership requirements are fulfilled. If not

XCARD rejects the request. Mobilum Foundation interacts with other systems through the API. One of the building blocks of the Mobilum Foundation is the blockchain solution, which stores all information about transactions made on the Mobilum Platform through the XCARD wallet application or the open-source API. Access to the Mobilum Platform blockchain is possible via the open-source API or Mobilum Explorer  web3 application XCARD Wallet uses an open-source API to show a complete list of transactions from users given in its wallet

the community

XCARD a state-of-the-art Wallet and Payment

Mobilum Platform is a building block ecosystem that can scale microser services, utilizing common open-source APIs and underlying protocols blockchain solutions to provide instant conversion to any conversion with the best execution rate, driven by mobilum tokens Now user experience is the main pillar of all customer-oriented applications To provide the best experience and best practices for utilizing the Mobilum Platform, the XCARD project was created. XCARD uses the Mobilum Platform API to provide the latest multi currency wallet implementation and the first crypto credit card available The Mobilum platform consists of three main domains of up to

1 CARD XCARD is an all-in-one digital wallet & the most convenient crypto credit card. You can perform any financial and cryptocurrency transactions in real-time, with no limits

2 Mobilum internalizer A high frequency, low latency, multi-market, and multi-asset matching engine which internalizes all customer's orders in real-time. It consists of Virtual Order Book and Pricing Engine, which provides Best Execution mechanism for traded assets, leverages Mobilum Liquidity Pools, and calculates Volatility Indexes of traded

3 Mobilum Foundation Building blocks of Mobilum Platform done in microservices paradigm, utilizing open-source API, providing all services and interactions for the platform, including blockchains connectivity, banking system connectivity, payment processing, order management, security and many more

What are Atomic Swaps?

Atom swaps are decentralized and trade without trust between two different cryptocurrency users. If you are interested in technical details, there are many documents that explain the nature of atom swaps and the most popular possible technical implementations - Hash-Time-Locks

The Mobilum foundation and its XCARD wallet are built on fully decentralized financial ideas. The team wants to provide a solution that does not jeopardize the security of customer funds and follow the team's criteria at almost zero cost. the team decided to implement Mobilum as a decentralized multichain solution that works in XCARD's internalization mode using atom exchange technology, which is called "smart atom exchange" for two reasons

First, XCARD tries to maximize market liquidity by playing an active role in making currencies on the platform. This is done by an arbitration mechanism supported by a pricing engine that collects almost realtime data from different liquidity providers and compares it with a decentralized order book on the XCARD exchange. maximize order matching by providing partners for orders that cannot be matched between XCARD users, increasing external liquidity and pooling XCARD liquidity.

How does Intelligent Atomic Swap work in XCARD on the Mobilum Platform?

In general, atomic exchange has several limitations. Both contracts need to use the same hash algorithm, both need to implement certain smart contracts. That limits its use only to supported coins. Another limitation is price negotiation between parties. In XCARD the team tries to avoid these limitations by implementing the originator of XCARD which is a kind of clever contract notary, which keeps orders books for parties willing to exchange their coins and the price range received. The notary contract works similar to a matching machine, when a purchase order matches a sell order it creates two contracts for atomic exchange for each party transaction. There is a specified period for each party to move a certain amount of coins to swap to that address. When both parties move coins, the exchange is done by smart contract. If not, the atomic exchange ends

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