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Author Topic: Problems , issues, errors when buying or selling on PancakeSwap  (Read 371 times)


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If you are having issues buying or selling NextMoon on PancakeSwap, check these points:

1- Slippage should be higher than 6.
to set slippage, click on settings icon, and input the slippage tolerance value to 6% or above.

2- Make sure your wallet is connected to PancakeSwap
Are you logged in to your wallet, did you connect it to pancakeswap ? make sure it is done.

3- Buying transaction limit is 1000 000 000 NextMoon
You can not buy more than 1 billion NextMoon per transaction, you can buy more than 1 billion NextMoon but you will need to buy it in multiple transactions. (This is to limit whales a bit, but also to limit overexposure to highly volatile crypto assets)

4- Issues with PancakeSwap, reduce digits
if you are trying to buy or sell, and the bnb or token value has a lot of different digits it might not work.
for example:
buying : 14457457 NextMoon with 1.21244572 BNB  might give you an error
to fix it , set the buying amount to 1.21 BNB

If you still have issues, post as reply here.
or ask on our community telegram :

Altcoins Talks - Cryptocurrency Forum


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