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Author Topic: ExpoCoin is the world's first coin in Exhibition Industry!!!  (Read 108 times)


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According to the experts, in the money turnover of the modern exhibition industry is about $ 7.5 billion. ShowMeBiz Ltd. offers a revolution in the field of exhibition business and increase the turnover to $ 1.7 trillion.

Now there is a unique opportunity to take part in the project ShowMeBiz, which is dedicated to the implementation of the Global Virtual Expo on the Web and the creation of a business community at a new level of using information technologies.

The exhibition industry market is growing every year and is one of the most profitable niches in business. In addition, the exhibition industry is potentially one of the most profitable in the world. According to statistics1, the world business economy is about 130 million of active enterprises, employing more than 600 million people.

 Being a co-owner of a Global Virtual Expo and receiving dividends from the lease of virtual space is one of the best opportunities to invest and multiply your money.

The ExpoCoin Token (EXPO) is a utility token and is a means of payment for services within the platform. ExpoCoin is not a digital currency, a security, a commodity or any other type of financial instrument and has not been registered under any securities laws of any country, including laws of any jurisdiction in which the potential owner of the token is a resident. The ExpoCoin token is backed by ExpoBlock virtual exhibition space on the declared platform. The ExpoCoin token cannot be used for any purpose apart from the ones specified in this WhitePaper. The ExpoCoin token is not intended for sale or any other manipulation in any jurisdiction where the sale or use of digital tokens may be prohibited. The ExpoCoin token does not give any other rights in any form except those which are specifically described in this white paper.

So, there is less chance of coin price inflation. Only the coin price will decrease when the demand for the product of ShowMeBiz will decrease.

To know more about their product and services go here: https://showmebiz.io


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