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Author Topic: Bgogo, a Newly Formed Crypto Trading Platform Is Set to Dominate the Crypto Trad  (Read 315 times)


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With a Rewarding Ecosystem and Strategic Investment by Pantera Capital, Bgogo Might Become the Crypto Trading Behemoth.

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, fiat currency traders are migrating to crypto trading and the because of that, many crypto trading and exchange services are appearing, but not all of them have the capability and resources to handle a massive amount of real-time transactions. There are a few crypto trading services that are making a name in the world of cryptocurrencies and Bgogo is one of them.

The newly formed cryptocurrency trading company is bringing a lot of innovative features to the table that have never been talked or offered by any other crypto trading platform including Binance or Fcoin. The primary unique selling point of Bgogo is that they emphasis over the quality and excellence of the crypto exchange, meaning, their trading platform is not only reliable, but it makes transactions with a speed of light. This is the prominent reason for considering the Bgogo trading platform.

Furthermore, Bgogo is about to launch their own platform token named as BGG. With the launch of this game-changing token, traders who carry out exchanges on Bgogo’s platform will be rewarded even for smallest actions. Unlike other trading platforms that hardly reward their traders for anything, Bgogo will reward their traders with three things:

·         The first reward that is a complete game changer is the negative fee on every transaction. The traders will get BGG tokens for the equivalent of their transaction fee within 30 minutes.

·         The Second Reward is that the BGG Supernodes will be granted Sole Listing Authority (voting rights for new token listing) and Share 20% of the trading fees.

·         Lastly, every 24 hours Bgogo will use all of the trading fees accumulated from a trader to repurchase BGG tokens.

Read the details in the article of Coinidol dot com, the world blockchain news outlet: https://coinidol.com/bgogo-set-to-dominate-crypto-trading-space/

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