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Author Topic: Vakaxa - A reliable partner in ICO development  (Read 81 times)


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Vakaxa - A reliable partner in ICO development
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:15:48 pm »
An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is a method for startups to crowdfund before the coin/token is actually launched. Through ICO, your company may sell coin/token to raise funds for the project successfully. The development of ICO includes project purpose, summary, benefits, amount of token/coin. The investors would buy the token/coin. Vakaxa is one of the best known ICO Development Companies, that provides secure and reliable solutions to raise the ICO. Our experienced developers offer overall solutions from token creation, website, wallet, and  ICO marketing services.

ICO project development process

- Analyze the idea: The success of the project depends on the idea behind it. Our experts will analyze your idea to make sure that it has a big chance to attract investors. Especially, If it is not effective, we can also help you find a better idea.
- Research and design: To create and advertise an ICO project, you will need a platform to launch your project. A simple landing page is enough but a professional website is better.
- Writing Whitepaper: Whitepaper is the official document your ICO project along with an introduction to the market, relevance to the blockchain, market analysis, product description and expectations, ICO terms and regulations, roadmap, team, etc
- ICO marketing: Marketing is the second most important part of the process. We have a talented marketing team that will promote your ICO campaign through the social network including Facebook, Reddit, Linked, Bitcoin forums.

Why choose us?

- Vakaxa has talented team with many years of experience in ICO development and marketing.
- Develop your idea: we can help you research profitable solutions based on your business idea that people would actually be interested.
- Reliable: Ensure the integrity of your idea. Besides, we will keep you updated throughout the token development and marketing process.
- Adaptable: If your first ICO campaign is not successful or does not raise enough fund, we are more than willing to adapt our process to produce better outcomes.
- Support: You can reach us at any time with any question. Our expert support team is available to assist you.

ICO development services

- Marketing: we build your ICO with strong marketing campaigns implemented magnificently to keep your startup above the crowd.
- Website: Website is designed according to your requirements but still ensure beautiful and easy interface to use to attract investors.
- Whitepaper: Professional and detailed whitepaper services to present your product to prospective investors for the token sale.
- Smart contract: In order to automate various businesses, we offer reliable and secure smart contract development services.
- Coin/Token Cryptocurrency: We develop the coin based on the technical standard such as ERC 20, ERC 23 and EOS.
- Creat Wallet: Besides creating the coin/token, we will create the wallet to store coin securely and safely in transaction fees and avoid an attack.

If you are looking for an ICO development company, Please contact us: Vakaxa Technical Joint Stock Company
Address: Room 2512 The Light Building – Trung Van – Tu Liem – Hanoi – Vietnam
Hotline: +84963.324.888
Email: [email protected]
Telegram: @vakaxasupport

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Vakaxa - A reliable partner in ICO development
« on: September 14, 2018, 01:15:48 pm »


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