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Author Topic: Posting an annoucement - ANN - RULES  (Read 2786 times)


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Posting an annoucement - ANN - RULES
« on: October 29, 2017, 10:46:01 pm »

Quick Guide to submit an Announcement

All Announcements will gradually have to be verified. Follow the below rules to make sure yours don't end in trash.

Q.1 - Are you part of the team, or manager of the project ?
> If yes, go to question 2
> If NO,
+ You want to post an ANN to share your referral link ? It's not allowed in this section !! But you can post in the >> referral section.
+ You think it's a nice project, ask the project manager to give you the permission to post their ANN here / if not already done.

Q.2 - Does your announcement contain link shortners or links to other forums ?
> If yes, then remove them because they are not allowed.

Q.3 - Did you create a bounty on our forum ?
> If not, check our bounty section after you finish with the Announcement.

Q.4 - Did you tweet the link to your ALTT ANN & shared the ANN on telegram/fb etc ?
> If no, please do it otherwise we can't quickly verify authenticity, and we might move your announcement to trash.

Q.5 - Did you donate to our forum any tokens?
> If yes, great we will share your bounty on one of our channels!
> If no, please send some ERC20 tokens donation to: 0xc9CbFe089EBC2E27236F53D8cD2Afd3d337385fc

Q.6 - Did you request a verified status ?
> If no, you can get a verified status if you have an official account -same name as token/ICO-. make sure to post your ANN and Bounty on AltcoinsTalks and then share them on twitter /link to from website, Then message me to get a verified status.

Q.7 - Are you an intermediate that manages many projects?
> If yes, contact me to get an agency status.

Q.8 - Are tokens already issued or it's a planned token generation event?
> Precise in the bounty, whether the tokens already exist or not.

Q.9 - Does the project have a website & team?
> The coin/token should have a website - with their own domain name .

Make sure to follow all the steps above, to get your ANN verified !

Posting an annoucement is permitted in this section
but must follow a couple rules:

For ICO and token offerings check our full services:


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Posting an annoucement - ANN - RULES
« on: October 29, 2017, 10:46:01 pm »


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