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Project information

TokenStars is a platform that allows tokenize well-known personalities, based on blockchain technology. Ecosystem within the platform will make it possible to simplify the mutual contact between popular and novice stars as much as possible, as well as between fans and representatives of advertising services. Innovative technology will increase the interest of all users in cooperation. The platform has twelve integrated modules, thanks to which users are able not only to conduct mutual communications, but also perform secondary activities, conclude contracts, purchase services. There is the possibility of a combination of modules, this, directly, refers to the goals and objectives of the platform.

Each module has its own level and function:

Сrowdfunding  level provides an opportunity for beginning talented individuals to engage in fundraising and promotion;
The infrastructural level is equipped with all the necessary functional tools permitting the conduct of basic operations, including voting, scouting;
The level of the fan community allows fans to interact with each other, participate in online interactive activities with the stars to strengthen the social status of the public person;
The level of brand and advertising allows you to deal with the transmission of vital data about the stakeholders of the target audience. In the future, this will allow us to conduct effective advertising campaigns with the help of smart contracts, as well as sell the best goods.

The main problems eliminated by the innovation platform

TokenStars enables users to provide material support to promising, promising and talented newcomers. This plays a big role for the young talents themselves, because often people put an end to their prospects and career growth due to lack of funds. Such help in the form of financial support can give a considerable chance of success in the future.
The stars, which have already taken place and are at the peak of their fame, also need this platform. It allows you to conduct mutually beneficial relations between celebrities and representatives of advertising services.
The implementation of the token: the platform takes its percentage from the commission of advertising services (this fee varies from 15 to 30%, it all depends on service agencies and the most famous personalities), as well as fees from the further financial profit of the stars (from 5 to 70%, depending on from the sphere of activity), they are paid by in-system tokens. Therefore, brands and supported talents will be able to purchase tokens on the market in order to pay for the services and services of the platform in the future.

There is a problem that fans want to always be close to their favorite singers, sportsmen, be informed and aware of each step. Such a platform helps the community of fans to contact with celebrities, discuss and conduct a detailed analysis of the events in which their idols participated, and develop other activities. To participate in the discussion and so on, the fans need to spend, and also earn platform tokens, thus increasing their demand and turnover.

Advertisers and brands are always in the active search of actual advertising formats and interested audience. The TokenStars platform allows brands to freely communicate with representatives of their target audience in order to further effectively increase the effectiveness of advertising campaigns through the use of smart contracts. The number of tokens in demand on the market directly depends on the number of advertising activities carried out. Since the use of the image of the public person and other advertising services are financed by tokens.

Blockchain technology for transparent and large-scale processes
In connection with the development of modern technologies, the number of scammers is actively increasing. For this reason, the platform is based on blockchain technology, which allows TokenStars to be honest with its participants, to build a transparent and verifiable ecosystem for all users, including fans, advertisers, tokens traders, and stars.
On TokenStars platform a book will be kept where the history of transactions of all mutual communications among participants will be recorded: the results of surveys, applications from scouts, auction trades, clicks of advertisements and much more.

TokenStars is a symbiosis of two platforms, developed on blockchain technology (for operations inside the ecosystem) - Ethereum (to conduct safe operations with crypto-currencies). Personal blockchain plays a big role for several tens of thousands of users to generate a large number of records. Applying Ethereum would be impractical to keep a record of a large number of events, due to the slow transaction speed and a lot of the nuances of this blockchain.

The use of virtual currency can save users from unnecessary difficulties and hassles, which are based on the use of fiat funds. The number of difficulties includes low transaction speed, unprofitable currency conversion and the inability to make money transfers for users of some countries.

ICO details
TokenStars uses the TEAM token, which provides owners with a complete list of functionality. So, all transactions within the platform are carried out only with TEAM. You can earn them by joining the main stage of the sale. It will last until February 2018.



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