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Author Topic: [PRE-ANN][FIX] Fornix |Masternodes|POS|High rewards| (UNOFFICIAL)  (Read 487 times)


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Just want to post about a project I've seen.  I have no affiliation to this project, and can in no way vouch for the accuracy of any information or the promises they make.


Welcome to Fornix PRE-ANN

Fornix - A new masternode PoS network with high ROI.
This is just the PRE-ANN - the detailed list of information will be shared
at the official release, and the purpose of this thread is to grow the community before the launch.

Our website contains a countdown timer to the official launch

We've started a new discord comunity for users to join

This is what you can expect at launch:
- A fully working website
- A working wallet for Windows, OSX, and Linux
- High rewards for masternodes and staking/size]
-A coin with purpose for the future
- Whitepaper
- Masternode setup guides

== There will be a presale when we launch, but NOT before we release the wallets. If anyone contacts you regarding sale before launch, contact a dev or a mod immediatly as this likely would be a scam attempt.

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