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Author Topic: Guide: How to rank up & use this forum  (Read 271687 times)

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Guide: How to rank up & use this forum
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:52:31 PM »
We launched this forum in 2017, during this time we have been studying the behavior of our users, as well as their mistakes.

This guide is therefore to help you have a smooth stay on our forum:

1- This forum allows you to reach high ranks, have special memberships and participate in bounties, so take advantage of this by being active on our forum.
2- Every time you post topics/replies you earn points, later these points are exchanged with our ALTS/ALTT token. 100-200 points = 1 ALTT 10 000 Points = xxxxxx ALTT , special ranks get bonuses.
3- Ranking up fast, is possible in some cases, but we will not tolerate posters of stupid spam-like comments and posts (read quality guideline). If your contribution is shit-posting, you will be penalized by the community and receive negative karma. Do not try to outsmart us or take advantage of our system, we severely punish any violators.
4- Do not post with none-comprehensible English, there are local sections where you can post in your local language. Posting none-comprehensible English gets you a penalty, as does copying posts done by others, spamming the forum and other types of misbehavior. You can receive strikes and be moderated.
5- Do not post content that was translated using google translate or any automatic translate. > Hint: it's not comprehensible!
6- Not all posts will be counted, our system only counts meaningful posts. Do not try to abuse the system or outsmart the system, you will be severely punished.
7- It's best not to create multiple accounts, 1 account is enough. However if you do and don't declare your duplicate account and we detect it, all your accounts will be labeled as duplicate, which will exclude you from most airdrops and bounties.
8- Do not think you are smart and start overly answering posts just for the sake of increasing your post counts, if you get reported, you will get penalized.
9- Do not ask questions that have already been asked, just for the sake of increasing your post count! Put some effort in to asking original and intelligent questions.
10- Do not reply just for the sake of earning points or increasing point count, your replies should be of value, otherwise you get penalized.
11- Be active, what you earn points and tokens wise can be reduced if you have been inactive for some time.
12- Post in your local language section: If English is not your mother tongue, it is preferable. If you are very bad in English: it is a must!
13- Be friendly, not agressive, otherwise you get negative karma. Ignoring good advise given to you by other users or mods can also lead to bad karma.
14- Try providing good answers, interesting questions, useful topics and helpful contributions to the forum to get positive karma.
15- Learn the forum rules we have here, otherwise you or yours posts may be reported and you will be punished for breaking the rules.

Opportunities this forum offers:

1- The forum is airdropping ALTS + other tokens. Click here for more info (expired)
2- The forum has our own giveaway of ALTT tokens. Click here for more info
3- The forum has a referral system that lets you earn ALTS & ETH by referring friends.
4- There are Bounty, Airdrop & Contest sections where you can earn different tokens for different tasks.
5- The forum distributes a share of tokens collected to the active users & to the top ALTS holders.
6- Donators get 10-300% bonus on airdrops and bounties managed by the forum.
7- Verified special membership groups for KYC, translators and official representatives
8- Professionals special membership groups for bounty managers, experts as well as press.

Join us on social media:

Join us on telegram:

Being active and being helpful, you will be rewarded!
Users receive +karma from the community for their contributions.

If you use this forum normally, without trying to cheat then you have nothing to fear!
If you try to outsmart us to earn more points and tokens, you will be penalized.

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Guide: How to rank up & use this forum
« on: May 28, 2018, 06:52:31 PM »

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